Ultrasensitive photodetectors exploiting electrostatic trapping and percolation transport

  title={Ultrasensitive photodetectors exploiting electrostatic trapping and percolation transport},
  author={Yingjie Zhang and Daniel J. Hellebusch and Noah D Bronstein and Changhyun Ko and D Frank Ogletree and Miquel B Salmeron and A Paul Alivisatos},
  booktitle={Nature communications},
The sensitivity of semiconductor photodetectors is limited by photocarrier recombination during the carrier transport process. We developed a new photoactive material that reduces recombination by physically separating hole and electron charge carriers. This material has a specific detectivity (the ability to detect small signals) of 5 × 10(17) Jones, the highest reported in visible and infrared detectors at room temperature, and 4-5 orders of magnitude higher than that of commercial single… CONTINUE READING
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