Ultrasensitive chemical analysis by Raman spectroscopy.

  title={Ultrasensitive chemical analysis by Raman spectroscopy.},
  author={Katrin Kneipp and Harald Kneipp and Irving Itzkan and Ramachandra R. Dasari and M. S. Feld},
  journal={Chemical reviews},
  volume={99 10},
In the Raman effect, incident light is inelastically scattered from a sample and shifted in frequency by the energy of its characteristic molecular vibrations. Since its discovery in 1927, the effect has attracted attention from a basic research point of view as well as a powerful spectroscopic technique with many practical applications. The advent of laser light sources with monochromatic photons at high flux densities was a milestone in the history of Raman spectroscopy and resulted in… CONTINUE READING


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