Ultraquadrics associated to affine and projective automorphisms

  title={Ultraquadrics associated to affine and projective automorphisms},
  author={Tom{\'a}s Recio and Luis Felipe Tabera and J. Rafael Sendra and Carlos Villarino},
  journal={Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing},
The concept of ultraquadric has been introduced by the authors as a tool to algorithmically solve the problem of simplifying the coefficients of a given rational parametrization in $$\mathbb K(\alpha )(t_1,\ldots ,t_n)$$ K ( α ) ( t 1 , … , t n ) of an algebraic variety of arbitrary dimension over a field extension $$\mathbb K(\alpha )$$ K ( α ) . In this context, previous work in the one-dimensional case has shown the importance of mastering the geometry of 1-dimensional ultraquadrics… CONTINUE READING