• Materials Science
  • Published 2000

Ultralow Threshold Red Vertical\|Cavity Surface\|Emitting Lasers\+*

  title={Ultralow Threshold Red Vertical\|Cavity Surface\|Emitting Lasers\+*},
  author={Cheng Peng},
Visible Vertical\|cavity Surface\|emitting Lasers(VCSELs)have been designed and fabricated by using metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy. Using the 8λ optical cavities with 3 quantum wells in AlGaInP/AlGaAs VCSELs to reduce the drift leakage current and enhance the model gain, the device can operate continuous wave at wavelength of 670nm.For better performance,a misoriented (100) substrate (6~10° to (110)) has been used to reduce the ordering of AlGaInP.However,as the angle of misorientation… CONTINUE READING