Ultralow-Power Operation in Subthreshold Regimes Applying Clockless Logic

  title={Ultralow-Power Operation in Subthreshold Regimes Applying Clockless Logic},
  author={Ryan D. Jorgenson and Lief Sorensen and Dan Leet and Michael S. Hagedorn and David R. Lamb and Thomas Hal Friddell and Warren P. Snapp},
  journal={Proceedings of the IEEE},
Energy performance requirements are causing designers of next-generation systems to explore approaches to lowest possible power consumption. Subthreshold operation is being examined to stretch low-power circuit designs beyond the normal modes of operation, with the potential for large energy savings. Some of the challenges to be overcome, like 10-100× performance penalties, are being addressed by research into parallelism. However, the uncertainty in timing generated by operating in… CONTINUE READING
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