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Ultralong carrier lifetime of topological edge states in a-Bi4Br4

  title={Ultralong carrier lifetime of topological edge states in a-Bi4Br4},
  author={Pengcheng Mao and Junfeng Han and Jingchuan Zheng and Jinjian Zhou and Zhiming Yu and Wende Xiao and Dong-yun Chen and Gang Wang and Jie Ma and Cheng-cheng Liu and Xiaodong Li and Qinsheng Wang and Junxi Duan and Hailong Chen and Y. H. Weng and Yugui Yao},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
The rising of quantum spin Hall insulators (QSHI) in two-dimensional (2D) systems has been attracting significant interest in current research, for which the 1D helical edge states, a hallmark of QSHI, are widely expected to be a promising platform for next-generation optoelectronics. However, the dynamics of the 1D edge states has not yet been experimentally addressed. Here, we report the observation of optical response of the topological helical edge states in a-Bi4Br4, using the infrared… Expand
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