Ultrahigh-Q toroidal microresonators for cavity quantum electrodynamics

  title={Ultrahigh-Q toroidal microresonators for cavity quantum electrodynamics},
  author={S. M. Spillane and T. J. Kippenberg and Kerry J Vahala and Kok Wee Goh and E. Wilcut and H. Jeff Kimble},
We investigate the suitability of toroidal microcavities for strong-coupling cavity quantum electrodynamics sQEDd. Numerical modeling of the optical modes demonstrate a significant reduction of the modal volume with respect to the whispering gallery modes of dielectric spheres, while retaining the high-quality factors representative of spherical cavities. The extra degree of freedom of toroid microcavities can be used to achieve improved cavity QED characteristics. Numerical results for atom… CONTINUE READING
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