Ultrafractionation in A7 human malignant glioma in nude mice.

  title={Ultrafractionation in A7 human malignant glioma in nude mice.},
  author={Mechthild Krause and Franziska Hessel and Jana Wohlfarth and Daniel Zips and Cordelia Hoinkis and H Foest and Cordula Petersen and Susan C Short and Michael C. Joiner and Michael Baumann},
  journal={International journal of radiation biology},
  volume={79 6},
PURPOSE Low-dose hyperradiosensitivity (HRS) has been demonstrated in numerous cell lines in vitro, including a number of radioresistant human malignant glioma cell lines such as A7. The aim of our experiment was to show whether HRS can be exploited by using ultrafractionated irradiation (UF) to improve local control of A7 tumours growing in nude mice. Extrapolation of the in vitro results predict a 3.7-fold difference in the efficacy of UF compared with conventional fractionation (CF… CONTINUE READING


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