Ultrafiltration of nonionic surfactants and dissolved organic matter.

  title={Ultrafiltration of nonionic surfactants and dissolved organic matter.},
  author={Margit B M{\"u}ller and Wolfgang Fritz and Ulrich Lankes and Fritz Hartmann Frimmel},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={38 4},
A brownwater sample with a high content of humic substances (HS) was fractionated by multistage ultrafiltration (mst-UF) into five fractions with nominal molecular weights ranging from >30 to <1 kDa. Fractions were characterized with respect to molecular size distribution and structure. Size exclusion chromatography with online DOC detection revealed that mst-UF yielded fractions with decreasing Mp (molecular weight at peak maximum) and polydispersities from nominally large to small mst-UF… CONTINUE READING