Ultrafast two-dimensional field spectroscopy of terahertz intersubband saturable absorbers.

  title={Ultrafast two-dimensional field spectroscopy of terahertz intersubband saturable absorbers.},
  author={J{\"u}rgen Raab and Christoph Lange and Jessica L. Boland and Ignaz Laepple and Martin Furthmeier and Enrico Dardanis and N. De{\ss}mann and Lianhe Li and Edmund Harold Linfield and A. Giles Davies and Miriam Serena Vitiello and Rupert Huber},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={27 3},
Intersubband (ISB) transitions in semiconductor multi-quantum well (MQW) structures are promising candidates for the development of saturable absorbers at terahertz (THz) frequencies. Here, we exploit amplitude and phase-resolved two-dimensional (2D) THz spectroscopy on the sub-cycle time scale to observe directly the saturation dynamics and coherent control of ISB transitions in a metal-insulator MQW structure. Clear signatures of incoherent pump-probe and coherent four-wave mixing signals are… 
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