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Ultrafast tunable lasers using lithium niobate integrated photonics

  title={Ultrafast tunable lasers using lithium niobate integrated photonics},
  author={V. Snigirev and Annina Riedhauser and G. Lihachev and Johann Riemensberger and Rui Ning Wang and Charles Moehl and Mikhail Churaev and Anat Siddharth and Guanhao Huang and Youri Popoff and Ute Drechsler and Daniele Caimi and Simon Hoenl and Junqiu Liu and Paul F. Seidler and Tobias J. Kippenberg},
Viacheslav Snigirev, ∗ Annina Riedhauser, ∗ Grigory Lihachev, ∗ Johann Riemensberger, Rui Ning Wang, Charles Möhl, Mikhail Churaev, Anat Siddharth, Guanhao Huang, Youri Popoff, 3 Ute Drechsler, Daniele Caimi, Simon Hönl, Junqiu Liu, Paul Seidler, † and Tobias J. Kippenberg ‡ Institute of Physics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL), CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland IBM Research Europe, Zurich, Säumerstrasse 4, CH-8803 Rüschlikon, Switzerland Integrated Systems Laboratory, Swiss… 
Spectral Interferometry with Frequency Combs
In this review paper, we provide an overview of the state of the art in linear interferometric techniques using laser frequency comb sources. Diverse techniques including Fourier transform
Electro-optically tunable single-frequency lasing from neodymium-doped lithium niobate microresonators
Tunable light sources are a key enabling technology for many applications such as ranging, spectroscopy, optical coherence tomography, digital imaging and interferometry. For miniaturized laser


A new language, Opt, is proposed for writing these objective functions over image- or graph-structured unknowns concisely and at a high level and automatically transforms these specifications into state-of-the-art GPU solvers based on Gauss-Newton or Levenberg-Marquardt methods.
A prototype probability package named APPL (A Probability Programming Language) is presented that can be used to manipulate random variables and examples illustrate its use.
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