Ultrafast-pulse self-phase modulation and third-order dispersion in Si photonic wire-waveguides.

  title={Ultrafast-pulse self-phase modulation and third-order dispersion in Si photonic wire-waveguides.},
  author={I-wei Hsieh and Xiaogang Chen and Jerry Dadap and Nicolae Coriolan Panoiu and Richard Osgood and Sharee J. McNab and Yurii A. Vlasov},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={14 25},
By propagating femtosecond pulses inside submicron-crosssection Si photonic-wire waveguides with anomalous dispersion, we demonstrate that the pulse-propagation dynamics is strongly influenced by the combined action of optical nonlinearity and up to third-order dispersion with minimal carrier effects. Because of strong light confinement, a nonlinear phase shift of a few pi due to self-phase modulation is observed at a pulse peak-power of just ~250 mW. We also observe soliton-emitted radiation… CONTINUE READING
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