Ultrafast photothermoelectric effect in Dirac semimetallic Cd3As2 revealed by terahertz emission

  title={Ultrafast photothermoelectric effect in Dirac semimetallic Cd3As2 revealed by terahertz emission},
  author={W. Lu and Zi-Pu Fan and Yunkun Yang and Junchao Ma and Jiawei Lai and Xiaomin Song and Xiao Zhuo and Zhaoran Xu and Jing Liu and Xiaodong Hu and Shuyun Zhou and Faxian Xiu and Jinluo Cheng and Dong Sun},
  journal={Nature Communications},
  • W. LuZi-Pu Fan Dong Sun
  • Published 24 February 2022
  • Materials Science, Physics
  • Nature Communications
The thermoelectric effects of topological semimetals have attracted tremendous research interest because many topological semimetals are excellent thermoelectric materials and thermoelectricity serves as one of their most important potential applications. In this work, we reveal the transient photothermoelectric response of Dirac semimetallic Cd3As2, namely the photo-Seebeck effect and photo-Nernst effect, by studying the terahertz (THz) emission from the transient photocurrent induced by these… 

Gate-enhanced broadband photodetection based on Cd3As2/graphene Dirac heterojunctions

Dirac semimetals are promising materials for broadband and fast photodetection due to their gapless nature. Dirac heterostructures consisting of 2D Dirac semimetal graphene and its 3D analogue Cd3As2

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Organometallic lead bromide and iodide perovskite single crystals (PSCs) are potential candidates for terahertz applications. Herein, we performed terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS) in the

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Metasurface Enabled Photothermoelectric Photoresponse of Semimetal Cd3As2 for Broadband Photodetection.

The artificial engineering of photoresponse is crucial for optoelectronic applications, especially for photodetectors. Here, we designed and fabricated a metasurface on a semimetallic Cd3As2



Population Inversion and Dirac Fermion Cooling in 3D Dirac Semimetal Cd3As2.

This work provides direct experimental evidence for a long-lived population inversion in a 3D Dirac semimetal, which is in contrast to 2D graphene with a much shorter lifetime.

Thermoelectric transport and phonon drag in Weyl semimetal monochalcogenides

The topological effect in thermoelectric transport is an important research aspect in semimetals, but whether an anomalous Nernst effect exists in nonmagnetic topological semimetals in a finite

Dynamical evolution of anisotropic response of type-II Weyl semimetal TaIrTe4 under ultrafast photoexcitation

The angle-resolved measurement of transient reflection reveals that the reflectivity becomes less anisotropic in the quasi-equilibrium state, indicating a reduction in the anisotropy of dynamical conductivity in presence of photoexcited hot carriers.

Coherent diffraction rings induced by thermal–mechanical effect of a flexible Dirac semimetallic composite structure

Concentrically elliptical coherent diffraction rings are observed when a collimated laser beam is reflected from a mica substrate with Cd3As2 nano-films grown on it. The diffraction pattern is found

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Quantized thermoelectric Hall effect induces giant power factor in a topological semimetal

This work experimentally demonstrate the non-saturating thermopower and quantized thermoelectric Hall effect in the topological Weyl semimetal (WSM) tantalum phosphide (TaP) toward low-temperature energy harvesting applications.

Semimetals for high-performance photodetection

The exploitation of topological effects in the photoresponse of semimetals is envisioned as a promising route to circumvent problems of high dark current photodetection and improve their performance.

Topological thermoelectrics

Since the first-generation three-dimensional topological insulators were discovered in classic thermoelectric systems, the exploration of novel topological materials for advanced thermoelectric

High-Temperature Anomalous Hall Effect in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide-Ferromagnetic Insulator Heterostructure.

High-temperature anomalous Hall effect in the TMD ZrTe2 thin film using heterostructure approach by depositing it on ferrimagnetic insulator YIG (Y3Fe5O12, yttrium iron garnet) is demonstrated and shed light on the designing approach to introduce magnetism to TMDs at room temperature.

Magnetic Field‐Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance in Dirac Semimetal Cd3As2 Crystals with Different Carrier Concentrations

The magneto‐thermoelectric figure of merit (ZT) in crystals of the topological Dirac semimetal Cd3As2 with different carrier concentrations is studied. The ZTs for all the crystals increase with the