Ultrafast optical excitation of magnetic dynamics in van der Waals magnets: Coherent magnons and BKT dynamics in NiPS3

  title={Ultrafast optical excitation of magnetic dynamics in van der Waals magnets: Coherent magnons and BKT dynamics in 
  author={Urban F. P. Seifert and Mengxing Ye and Leon Balents},
  journal={Physical Review B},
Optical pump-probe experiments carried out in the time domain reveal both the intrinsic low energy dynamics and its connections to higher energy excitations in correlated electron systems. In this work, we propose two microscopic mechanisms for the optical generation of coherent magnetic modes in van der Waals magnets, and derive the corresponding effective light-spin interactions: either through pumping atomic orbital excitations resonantly or via a light-induced Floquet spin Hamiltonian, the… 

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