Ultrafast nonlinear effects in hydrogenated amorphous silicon wire waveguide.

  title={Ultrafast nonlinear effects in hydrogenated amorphous silicon wire waveguide.},
  author={Yuya Shoji and Takeshi Ogasawara and Toshihiro Kamei and Youichi Sakakibara and Satoshi Suda and Kenji Kintaka and Hitoshi Kawashima and Makoto Okano and Toshifumi Hasama and Hiroshi Ishikawa and Masahiko Mori},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={18 6},
We, for the first time, present the ultrafast optical nonlinear response of a hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) wire waveguide using femtosecond pulses. We show cross-phase and cross-absorption modulations measured using the heterodyne pump-probe method and estimate the optical Kerr coefficient and two-photon absorption coefficient for the amorphous silicon waveguide. The pumping energy of 0.8 eV is slightly lower than that required to achieve two-photon excitation at the band gap of a-Si… CONTINUE READING

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