Ultrafast and Controllable Phase Evolution by Flash Joule Heating.

  title={Ultrafast and Controllable Phase Evolution by Flash Joule Heating.},
  author={Weiyin Chen and John Tianci Li and Zhe Wang and Wala A Algozeeb and Duy Xuan Luong and Carter Kittrell and Emily A. McHugh and Paul A. Advincula and Kevin M. Wyss and Jacob L Beckham and Michael G. Stanford and Bo Jiang and James M. Tour},
  journal={ACS nano},
Flash Joule heating (FJH), an advanced material synthesis technique, has been used for the production of high-quality carbon materials. Direct current discharge through the precursors by large capacitors has successfully converted carbon-based starting materials into bulk quantities of turbostratic graphene by the FJH process. However, the formation of other carbon allotropes, such as nanodiamonds and concentric carbon materials, as well as the covalent functionalization of different carbon… 
Rare earth elements from waste
Rare earth elements (REEs) are critical materials in electronics and clean technologies. With the diminishing of easily accessible minerals for mining, the REE recovery from waste is an alternative
Robust Superhydrophobic Surfaces via the Sand-In Method.
Superhydrophobic surfaces have gained sustained attention because of their extensive applications in the fields of self-cleaning, anti-icing, and drag reduction systems. Water droplets must have