Ultrafast Tracking of Exciton and Charge Carrier Transport in Optoelectronic Materials on the Nanometer Scale

  title={Ultrafast Tracking of Exciton and Charge Carrier Transport in Optoelectronic Materials on the Nanometer Scale},
  author={Christoph Schnedermann and Jooyoung Sung and Rajal Pandya and Sachin Dev Verma and Richard Y. S. Chen and Nicolas Gauriot and Hope M. Bretscher and Philipp Kukura and Akshay Rao},
  journal={The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters},
  pages={6727 - 6733}
We present a novel optical transient absorption and reflection microscope based on a diffraction-limited pump pulse in combination with a wide-field probe pulse, for the spatiotemporal investigation of ultrafast population transport in thin films. The microscope achieves a temporal resolution down to 12 fs and simultaneously provides sub-10 nm spatial accuracy. We demonstrate the capabilities of the microscope by revealing an ultrafast excited-state exciton population transport of up to 32 nm… 

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