Ultrafast Time-resolved Absorption Spectroscopy of Geometric Isomers of Xanthophylls.

  title={Ultrafast Time-resolved Absorption Spectroscopy of Geometric Isomers of Xanthophylls.},
  author={Dariusz M Niedzwiedzki and Miriam Grace M. Enriquez and Amy M LaFountain and H J. Singer s L. A. Frank},
  journal={Chemical physics},
  volume={373 1-2},
This paper presents an ultrafast optical spectroscopic investigation of the excited state energies, lifetimes and spectra of specific geometric isomers of neoxanthin, violaxanthin, lutein, and zeaxanthin. All-trans- and 15,15'-cis-beta-carotene were also examined. The spectroscopy was done on molecules purified by HPLC frozen immediately to inhibit isomerization. The spectra were taken at 77 K to maintain the configurations and to provide better spectral resolution than seen at room temperature… CONTINUE READING
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