Ultrafast Optics: Measurement of the Spatiotemporal Electric Field of Ultrashort Superluminal Bessel-X Pulses

  title={Ultrafast Optics: Measurement of the Spatiotemporal Electric Field of Ultrashort Superluminal Bessel-X Pulses},
  author={Pamela Bowlan and Heli Valtna-Lukner and Madis L{\~o}hmus and Peeter Piksarv and Peeter Saari and Rick Trebino},
  journal={Optics \& Photonics News},
The space-time duality of electromagnetic waves allows for the creation of temporal waveforms and the measurement of their properties. 
Measuring the temporal focusing of ultrashort Airy-Bessel wave packets
A technique for full spatio-temporal characterization of impulse responses of optical systems with an almost one-wave-cycle temporal resolution was developed. It was employed to characterize
Directly recording diffraction phenomena in the time domain
The wave-field produced by a ~30 fs duration Ti:sapphire oscillator pulse behind a circular aperture and circular opaque disk is measured using the ultrashort-laser-pulse measurement technique,
Energy density characterization of complex ultrashort laser pulses
We introduce the concept of energy density flux as a characterization tool for the propagation of ultrashort laser pulses with spatio-temporal coupling. This energy density flux is calculated in the
Pulse shaping and ultrashort laser pulse filamentation for applications in extreme nonlinear optics.
This thesis deals with numerical studies of the properties and applications of spatio-temporally coupled pulses, conical wavepackets and laser filaments, in strongly nonlinear processes, such as
Collective behavior of light in vacuum
Under the action of light-by-light scattering, light beams show collective behaviors in vacuum. For instance, in the case of two counterpropagating laser beams with specific initial helicity, the
Diffraction of ultrashort Gaussian pulses within the framework of boundary diffraction wave theory
We study the diffraction of Gaussian pulses and beams within the framework of boundary diffraction wave theory. For the first time the boundary diffraction wave theory is applied to pulsed Gaussian
Reexamination of group velocities of structured light pulses
Recently a series of theoretical and experimental papers on free-space propagation of pulsed Laguerre-Gaussian and Bessel beams was published, which reached contradictory and controversial results
Characterization and application of simultaneously spatio-temporally focused ultrafast laser pulses
Chirped pulse amplification of ultrafast laser pulses has become an essential technology in the fields of micromachining, tissue ablation, and microscopy. With specifically tailored pulses of light
Measuring complex pulses with time-bandwidth products exceeding 65,000 using multiple-delay crossed-beam spectral interferometry
We measure the complete electric field of extremely complex ultrafast waveforms using the simple linear-optical, interferometric pulse-measurement technique, MUD TADPOLE. In its scanning variation,
Speed of structured light pulses in free space
It has been shown based on the wave approach that the on-axis part of the pulsed beams propagates in free space at a variable speed, exhibiting both subluminal and superl Luminal behaviours in the region close to the source, and their velocity approaches the value of c with distance.


ULTRAFAST OPTICS Measurement of |E(x,y=0t)| -t(fs) -t(fs) z = 5.5 cm z = 5.5 cm
  • 2008