Ultraconserved elements: analyses of dosage sensitivity, motifs and boundaries.

  title={Ultraconserved elements: analyses of dosage sensitivity, motifs and boundaries.},
  author={Charleston W. K. Chiang and A. Derti and Daniel Schwartz and Michael Chou and Joel Hirschhorn and Chao-Ting Wu},
  volume={180 4},
Ultraconserved elements (UCEs) are sequences that are identical between reference genomes of distantly related species. As they are under negative selection and enriched near or in specific classes of genes, one explanation for their ultraconservation may be their involvement in important functions. Indeed, many UCEs can drive tissue-specific gene expression. We have demonstrated that nonexonic UCEs are depleted among segmental duplications (SDs) and copy number variants (CNVs) and proposed… CONTINUE READING
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