Ultrabroadband terahertz field detection by proton-bombarded InP photoconductive antennas.

  title={Ultrabroadband terahertz field detection by proton-bombarded InP photoconductive antennas.},
  author={Tze-An Liu and M. Tani and Makoto Nakajima and Masanori Hangyo and Kiyomi Sakai and Shin-ichi Nakashima and Ci-Ling Pan},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={12 13},
Photoconductive (PC) antennas fabricated on InP bombarded with 180 keV protons of different dosages (InP:H+) all exhibit a useful bandwidth of about 30 THz, comparable to that of the LT-GaAs PC antenna. The peak signal current of the best InP: H+ device (dosage of 10;15 ions/cm;2) is slightly higher than that of the LT-GaAs one, while the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of the former is about half of that of the latter due to lower resistivity. This suggests that InP: H+ can be a good substrate for… CONTINUE READING

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