Ultra-violet sterilization of liquid nitrogen prior to vitrification.

  title={Ultra-violet sterilization of liquid nitrogen prior to vitrification.},
  author={L Parmegiani and Graçiela Estela Cognigni and Marco Filicori},
  journal={Human reproduction},
  volume={24 11},
Sir, Regarding the biosafety of direct exposure of tissue/cells to liquid nitrogen (LN2) during the vitrification procedure when using ‘open carriers’, debated by Wang (2009) and Isachenko et al. (2009) in the July 2009 issue of this journal, we would like to disagree. We strongly dispute the proposed inefficacy of ultra-violet (UV) treatment of LN2 to guarantee the absence of contamination by viruses of biological material. UV disinfection is a well-accepted technology for the inactivation of… CONTINUE READING


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