Ultra-violet absorbing compounds and tumorous growths on acroporid corals from Bandar Khayran, Gulf of Oman, Indian Ocean

  title={Ultra-violet absorbing compounds and tumorous growths on acroporid corals from Bandar Khayran, Gulf of Oman, Indian Ocean},
  author={Stephen L. Coles and Dave G Seapy},
  journal={Coral Reefs},
Skeletal tumors appearing as spherical or irregularly shaped protuberances of the coral skeleton have been reported on hard corals from the Hawaiian Islands (Squires 1965), Guam and Enewetak (Cheney 1975), the Netherlands Antilles (Bak 1983), the Great Barrier Reef (Loya et al. 1984), the Florida Keys (Peters et al. 1986), French Polynesia (Le Campion-Alsumard et al. 1995), and now the Gulf of Oman. These tumors form by deposition of coenosteal skeletal material over normal coral calices, and… CONTINUE READING
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