Ultra precise timing with SiPM-based TOF PET scintillation detectors

  title={Ultra precise timing with SiPM-based TOF PET scintillation detectors},
  author={Stefan Seifert and Ruud V H Vinke and H. T. van Dam and Herbert Lohner and Peter Dendooven and F. J. Beekman and D. R. Schaart},
  journal={2009 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record (NSS/MIC)},
The combination of SiPMs with fast and bright scintillators, such as LaBr3:Ce, seems very promising for application in time-of-flight (TOF) PET. We therefore conducted a series of experiments with the goal of obtaining the best possible timing resolution with SiPM-based scintillation detectors in order to establish a bench mark for future experiments with different detector designs. The detectors employed in our measurements consisted of two SiPMs (Hamamatsu MPPC-S10362-33-050C), which were… CONTINUE READING
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