Ultra-low energy threshold engineering for all-optical switching of magnetization in dielectric-coated Co/Gd based synthetic-ferrimagnet

  title={Ultra-low energy threshold engineering for all-optical switching of magnetization in dielectric-coated Co/Gd based synthetic-ferrimagnet},
  author={Pingzhi Li and Mark J.G. Peeters and Youri L. W. van Hees and Reinoud Lavrijsen and Bert Koopmans},
  journal={Applied Physics Letters},
A femtosecond laser pulse is able to switch the magnetic state of a 3d-4f ferrimagnetic material on a picosecond time scale. Devices based on this all-optical switching (AOS) mechanism are competitive candidates for ultrafast memory applications. However, a large portion of the light energy is lost by reflection from the metal thin film as well as transmission to the substrate. In this paper, we explore the use of dielectric coatings to increase the light absorption by the magnetic metal layer… 

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