Ultra-large-scale continuous-variable cluster states multiplexed in the time domain

  title={Ultra-large-scale continuous-variable cluster states multiplexed in the time domain},
  author={Shota Yokoyama and Ryuji Ukai and Seiji C. Armstrong and Chanond Sornphiphatphong and Toshiyuki Kaji and Shigenari Suzuki and Jun-ichi Yoshikawa and Hidehiro Yonezawa and Nicolas C. Menicucci and Akira Furusawa},
  journal={Nature Photonics},
A continuous-variable cluster state containing more than 10,000 entangled modes is deterministically generated and fully characterized. The developed time-domain multiplexing method allows each quantum mode to be manipulated by the same optical components at different times. An efficient scheme for measurement-based quantum computation on this cluster state is presented. 

One-way quantum computing with arbitrarily large time-frequency continuous-variable cluster states from a single optical parametric oscillator

A generalized measurement protocol is introduced to enable improved computational performance on this entanglement resource and create a scalable architecture in which a single optical parametric oscillator and simple interferometer entangle into a computationally universal continuous-variable cluster state.

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We develop fast and programmable phase switching of local oscillators of homodyne measurements suitable for time-domain multiplexed one-way quantum computation. Using this technique, we demonstrate

Generation of one-million-mode continuous-variable cluster state by unlimited time-domain multiplexing

Modifying the time-domain multiplexing experiment reported in Nature Photonics 7, 982 (2013), successive generation of fully inseparable light modes for more than one million modes is demonstrated.

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We show the single-pass generation of entangled states featuring spatial-spectral quantum correlations via SPDC. They constitute multimode building blocks of dual-rail cluster states, which can be

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Continuous-variable quantum information processing with optical field quadrature amplitudes is advantageous in deterministic creation of Gaussian entanglement. On the other hand, non-Gaussian state

Large-scale continuous-variable dual-rail cluster entangled state based on spatial mode comb.

This paper proposes a scheme that a large-scale CV dual-rail cluster entangled state is established based on a spatial mode comb in a self-imaging optical parametric oscillator, which is pumped by two spatial Laguerre-Gaussian modes with different polarization and identical frequency.

Large-scale continuous-variable dual-rail cluster entangled state based on spatial mode comb

In recent continuous-variable (CV) multipartite entanglement researches, the number of fully inseparable light modes has been increased dramatically by the introduction of a multiplexing scheme in

Generation of a continuous-variable quadripartite cluster state multiplexed in the spatial domain

As a highly entangled quantum network, the cluster state has the potential for greater information capacity and use in measurement-based quantum computation. Here, we report generating a

Temporal-mode continuous-variable three-dimensional cluster state for topologically protected measurement-based quantum computation

This method combines a time-domain multiplexing approach with a divide-and-conquer approach, and has the two advantages for implementing large-scale quantum computation, the robustness against analog errors derived from the finite squeezing of continuous variables during topologically-protected measurement-based quantum computation and the squeezing level for verification of the entanglement of the 3-dimensional cluster states.

Generation of continuous-variable spatial cluster entangled states in optical mode comb

Cluster entangled states are often used as the fundamental resources for one-way quantum computation. In this paper, we put forward a scheme of generating the spatial cluster entangled states of



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We describe a generalization of the cluster-state model of quantum computation to continuous-variable systems, along with a proposal for an optical implementation using squeezed-light sources, linear

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We present a continuous-variable CV Gaussian analog of cluster states, a new class of CV multipartite entangled states that can be generated from squeezing and quantum nondemolition coupling HI

Quantum Computing with Continuous-Variable Clusters

It is proved that there are universal states for which the offline squeezing per mode does not increase with the size of the cluster and the existence of universal continuous-variable resource states is found.

Parametrically generated ultrafast frequency combs : a promising tool for wavelength multiplexed quantum information processing

We have generated by parametric down-conversion and fully characterized an ultrafast highly multimode frequency comb with genuine quantum entanglement between its different frequency components that

Generation of high-fidelity four-photon cluster state and quantum-domain demonstration of one-way quantum computing.

A simple scheme for generating a four-photon entangled cluster state with fidelity over 0.860+/-0.015 is experimentally demonstrated and it is shown that the output state fidelities surpass classical bounds, which indicates that the entanglement in the produced state essentially contributes to the quantum operation.

Demonstration of unconditional one-way quantum computations for continuous variables.

This work implements three different levels of squeezing operations and a Fourier transformation, all of which are accessible by selecting the correct quadrature measurement angles of the homodyne detections, necessary for universal quantum computation.

One-way quantum computing in the optical frequency comb.

This work proposes a scalable method that uses a single, multimode optical parametric oscillator (OPO) and generates a continuous-variable cluster state, universal for quantum computation, with quantum information encoded in the quadratures of the optical frequency comb of the OPO.

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We derive necessary conditions in terms of the variances of position and momentum linear combinations for all kinds of separability of a multiparty multimode continuous-variable state. Their

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