Ultra-high-resolved HSQC spectra of multiple- 13C-labeled biofluids.

  title={Ultra-high-resolved HSQC spectra of multiple- 13C-labeled biofluids.},
  author={Wieland Willker and Ulrich Fl{\"o}gel and Dieter Leibfritz},
  journal={Journal of magnetic resonance},
  volume={125 1},
The NMR analysis of cell extracts and culture media from multiplied by an exponential weighting function, giving an additional line broadening of 2 Hz. cells fed with multiple-C-labeled substrates such as [UC6]glucose gives access to various aspects of cellular meF98 glioma cells were grown to confluency in 15 cm culture dishes in a humidified atmosphere of 10% CO2 in tabolism. C NMR allows the simultaneous identification of individual C isotopomers in order to distinguish different air at 377C… CONTINUE READING


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