Ultra-high pressure metamorphism in western Tianshan, China: Part II. Evidence from magnesite in eclogite

  title={Ultra-high pressure metamorphism in western Tianshan, China: Part II. Evidence from magnesite in eclogite},
  author={Lifei Zhang and David J. Ellis and Samantha Williams and Wenbo Jiang},
  journal={American Mineralogist},
  pages={861 - 866}
Abstract Carbonates of ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic (UHPM) origin were discovered in eclogites from western Tianshan, China. In the eclogites, relict magnesite (XMg = 0.79) occurs as rounded to subidiomorphic inclusions (0.01-0.1 mm) within matrix dolomite, and also as rounded inclusions with thin reaction rims of dolomite in glaucophane. Based on the textural evidence and calculated phase relationship, these eclogites record an early UHPM assemblage overprinted by a blueschist assemblage… Expand

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