Ultra-high order ring resonator system with sharp transmission peaks.

  title={Ultra-high order ring resonator system with sharp transmission peaks.},
  author={Sulian Tao and S C Mao and Junfeng F Song and Qing Fang and Ming Bin Yu and G. Q. Lo and D. L. Kwong},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={18 2},
We propose a relay ring resonator structure which comprises multiple cascaded microring resonators, in which the drop waveguide of a microring resonator is also the input waveguide of the subsequent microring resonator, and so forth. Thus, the transmission response of the relay ring resonator structure has sharp peaks, high out-of-band rejection ratios, and long group delays. A relay ring resonator structure comprising 90 microrings is fabricated on silicon nitride wire waveguides. The… CONTINUE READING

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