Ultra-broadband W-band frequency multiplier-by-twelve MMIC

  title={Ultra-broadband W-band frequency multiplier-by-twelve MMIC},
  author={Ulrich J. Lewark and Lija John and Sandrine Wagner and Axel Tessmann and Arnulf Leuther and Thomas Zwick and Ingmar Kallfass},
  journal={2015 10th European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC)},
For broadband radar applications in the W-Band or beyond we present a frequency multiplier-by-twelve millimeter-wave monolithic integrated circuit (MMIC). The measured 3-dB output bandwidth ranges from 77 to 106 GHz, i.e. a relative bandwidth of 31.7%. The active technology allows an overall maximum conversion gain of 3.8dB with a maximum output power of 1… CONTINUE READING