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Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency 5 G for Industrial Automation

  title={Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency 5 G for Industrial Automation},
  • Published 2018
  • Computer Science

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Finite-Blocklength RIS-Aided Transmit Beamforming
—This paper considers the downlink of an ultra- reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) system in which a base station (BS) serves multiple single-antenna users in the short (finite) blocklength
Millimeter-Wave Smart Antenna Solutions for URLLC in Industry 4.0 and Beyond
It is envisage that the use of 60 GHz communication and smart antenna systems are crucial for modern industrial communication so that URLLC in Industry 4.0 and beyond could soar to its full potential.
Migration-Aware Optimized Resource Allocation in B5G Edge Networks
This work proposes a novel methodology for optimally and flexibly managing task offloading in the context of heterogeneous computing and communication services required by real-time robotic applications and shows that the approach outperforms baseline approaches and can scale to large deployments.
Progressive schema of 5G for Industry 4.0: features, enablers, and services
Purpose The development of new communication technology such as 5G is now a solid choice for Industry 4.0. 5G in the fifth generation replaces the presently used mobile telecommunications networks.
Design and Implementation of Time-Sensitive Wireless IoT Networks on Software-Defined Radio
A quantitative investigation of the synchronization accuracy and end-to-end latency achievable by an SDR wireless system designed and implemented on the universal software radio peripheral (USRP) SDR platform and developed a time synchronization mechanism to maintain synchrony among nodes in the system.
Uma proposta de análise do ciclo de vida de credenciais em redes LoraWan privadas para IIoT
  • S. SilvaC. Miers
  • Anais da XIX Escola Regional de Redes de Computadores (ERRC 2021)
  • 2021
O uso de dispositivos inteligentes para as mais diversas atividades humanas fez emergir o conceito como IoT, e de IIoT quando estes dispositivos são aplicados à indústria. A gestão de identidades e
B5G Ultrareliable Low Latency Networks for Efficient Secure Autonomous and Smart Internet of Vehicles
This paper has implemented and analyzed the Multiaccess Edge Computing- (MEC-) based architecture for 5G autonomous vehicles based on baseband units (BBU), performed Monte Carlo simulations and plotted curves of propagation latency, handling latency, and total latency in terms of vehicle density.
An SDN-Enabled Architecture for IT/OT Converged Networks: A Proposal and Qualitative Analysis under DDoS Attacks
This paper proposes a convergent IT/OT SDN-based architecture applied in a real implementation of an IT/ OT support infrastructure called SIRDAM4.0 within the context of the SBDIOI40 project and proposes a qualitative analysis on how this architecture works under DoS attacks, focusing on what the specific problems and vulnerabilities are.
ROFA: An OFDMA system for Ultra-Reliable Wireless Industrial Networking
The Reliable OFDMA design, referred to as ROFA, is a clean-slate design with a single goal of ultra-reliable packet delivery that was implemented on the Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) SDR platform with real-time signal processing.
A Survey of Wireless Networks for Future Aerial Communications (FACOM)
This study observed that while numerous works focused on cellular technologies to enable connectivity for aerial platforms, a single wireless technology is not sufficient to meet the stringent connectivity demands of the aerial use cases, especially for the piloting operations.