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Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency 5 G for Industrial Automation

  title={Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency 5 G for Industrial Automation},
  • Published 2018

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A Review of 5G Front-End Systems Package Integration
Heterogeneous integration in 3-D ultrathin packages with higher component densities and performance than with the existing 2-D packages is needed to realize 5G systems. Expand
An Open-Source Tool Modeling the ETSI-MEC Architecture in the Industry 4.0 Context
An extension of the network simulator ns-3 is presented, demonstrating that the proposed tool is a valid instrument to make safer and faster the assembly, maintenance, and testing phases in the upcoming smart factory realities. Expand
Communication and Consensus Co-Design for Distributed, Low-Latency, and Reliable Wireless Systems
This work proposes a novel communication-efficient distributed consensus protocol, termed random representative consensus (R2C), and shows its effectiveness under gossip and broadcast communication protocols, and derives a closed-form end-to-end latency expression of the R2C that guarantees target reliability. Expand
Low Reliable and Low Latency Communications for Mission Critical Distributed Industrial Internet of Things
A new concept, Reliability Gain, is proposed to show the linear relationship between consensus reliability and communication link transmission reliability and it is found that the time latency of consensus is contradictory to consensus reliability. Expand
MAC for Machine-Type Communications in Industrial IoT—Part I: Protocol Design and Analysis
A key idea behind this protocol is sensing-based distributed coordination for significantly improving channel utilization that provides insights and lays the groundwork for the fine-grained scheduling with QoS guarantee as presented in Part II. Expand
ROFA: An OFDMA system for Ultra-Reliable Wireless Industrial Networking
  • Jiaxin Liang, S. Liew
  • Computer Science
  • 2021
This paper proposes and demonstrates a PHY-layer design of a real-time prototype that supports Ultra-Reliable Communication (URC) in wireless infrastructure networks. The design makes use ofExpand
Radio Resource Sharing and Edge Caching with Latency Constraint for Local 5G Operator: Geometric Programming Meets Stackelberg Game
A novel game-theoretic framework with geometric programming to model and analyze cache-enabled small cell base stations (SBSs) with infrastructure sharing for local 5G OP networks and obtains the subgame perfect equilibrium of Stackelberg game through the succesive geometric programming (SGP) method. Expand
ReLy: Machine Learning for Ultra-Reliable, Low-Latency Messaging in Industrial Robots
This work proposes a machine-learning-based framework called ReLy that intelligently embeds the time-critical messages in the preamble of outgoing frames at the transmitter that is able to deliver information within 5 ms latency and ultra-high reliability of 99 percent. Expand
A Review of Recent Advances in Automated Guided Vehicle Technologies: Integration Challenges and Research Areas for 5G-Based Smart Manufacturing Applications
A review of latest AGVs and AMRs research results in the past decade is presented and novel integration ideas by which tactile Internet, 5G network slicing and virtual reality applications can be used to facilitate AGV and AMR based factory of the future (FoF) and smart manufacturing applications were motivated. Expand
A Survey of Multi-Access Edge Computing in 5G and Beyond: Fundamentals, Technology Integration, and State-of-the-Art
This survey provides a holistic overview of MEC technology and its potential use cases and applications, and outlines up-to-date researches on the integration of M EC with the new technologies that will be deployed in 5G and beyond. Expand