Ultra-High Reliability Flip Chip on Laminate For Harsh Environments

  title={Ultra-High Reliability Flip Chip on Laminate For Harsh Environments},
  author={D. S. Copeland and M. K. Rahim and J. C. Suhling and Guoyun Tian and Pradeep Lall and R. C. Jaeger and K. Vasoya},
  journal={Proceedings Electronic Components and Technology, 2005. ECTC '05.},
  pages={362-375 Vol. 1}
In this work, we report on our efforts to develop ultra-high reliability flip chip on laminate assemblies for deployment in harsh thermal cycling environments characteristic of ground and aerospace vehicles (e.g. -55 to 150 degC). Reliability enhancement has been achieved through the use of a novel low expansion, high stiffness, and relatively low cost laminate substrate material that virtually eliminates CTE mismatches between the silicon die and top layer PCB interconnect. The utilized… CONTINUE READING