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Ultra High Energy Behaviour

  title={Ultra High Energy Behaviour},
  author={Burra G.Sidharth},
We reexamine the behaviour of particles at Ultra High energies in the context of the fact that the LHC has already touched an energy of 7TeV and is likely to attain 14TeV by 2013/2014.Consequences like a possible new shortlived interaction within the Compton scale are discussed. 03.65.-W; 03.65.Pm 



The Thermodynamic Universe

Using Planck scale oscillators in the background dark energy in a model that parallels the theory of phonons, we deduce the Planck mass, the elementary particle mass scale, the mass of the Universe

Gauge Theories of Weak Interactions

Foreword Preface Notation and conventions 1. Introduction 2. Weak interactions and vector mesons 3. Photons 4. The Yang-Mills field 5. Spontaneous breaking of symmetries 6, Spontaneous breaking of

An Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Field Theory

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