Ultimate Value: Self-Contradictory

  title={Ultimate Value: Self-Contradictory},
  author={R. Hartford},
  journal={Journal of Ayn Rand Studies},
  pages={54 - 67}
  • R. Hartford
  • Published 2017
  • Philosophy
  • Journal of Ayn Rand Studies
Ever since Ayn Rand’s groundbreaking analysis of life and value, and her formulation of the Objectivist ethics, controversy has been generated over the relation between the “choice to live” and the status of life as the “ultimate value.” The author argues that the concept “Value” should be modified to denote “that which [an organism] acts to gain and/or keep” that serves as the means to a further end. Deeper analysis shows that the term “ultimate value” is self-contradictory and has been… Expand
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