Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome Due to Ulnar Artery Aneurysm: A Case Report

  title={Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome Due to Ulnar Artery Aneurysm: A Case Report},
  author={Las J. Hwaizi},
  journal={journal of Clinical Case Reports},
  • Las J. Hwaizi
  • Published 15 May 2013
  • Medicine
  • journal of Clinical Case Reports
Aims: To report of a case with non-traumatic distal ulnar artery aneurism leading to ulnar nerve neuropathy at level of wrist in the ulnar tunnel. Ulnar nerve impingement has been mostly reported to be a result of posttraumatic false aneurysms, thrombosis, or anomalies distal ulnar artery in ulnar tunnel (Guyon’s canal). Methods: A 33 year-old woman with sever continuous pain which was gradual in onset over the last 9 months associated with intermittent burning sensation and continuous numbness… 

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Tortuous peripheral arteries: a cause of focal neuropathy. Case report.
The authors present a case of segmental sensory ulnar neuropathy in the wrist which intraoperatively demonstrated impingement on the ulnar nerve by a tortuous ulnar artery, the first report in the literature in which such association has been found to occur extracranially, involving a peripheral nerve.
The anatomy of the distal ulnar tunnel.
A review of the literature of ulnar nerve compression lesions confirmed expectations based on the regional anatomy, and combined motor and sensory loss was most often caused by compression from deep to the nerves, while pure sensory deficits were a result of compression lesions lying superficial to the nerve.
Variation in the hypothenar muscles and its impact on ulnar tunnel syndrome
Compression of the ulnar nerve at Guyon’s canal can be caused not only by tumor-like structures, a fibrotic arch, a ganglion, lipoma, aneurysm or thrombosis but also by anomalous hypothenar muscles
Ulnar neuropathy caused by a lipoma in Guyon's canal--case report.
A 74-year-old female presented with a 3-month history of compression neuropathy of the right ulnar nerve in Guyon's canal with a lipoma pressing against both the ulna nerve and the ulnar artery and the mass was extirpated.
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Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome Due to Ulnar Artery Aneurysm: A Case Report
  • J Clin Case Rep
  • 2013
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