Ulcerative proctitis: a review of pharmacotherapy and management.

  title={Ulcerative proctitis: a review of pharmacotherapy and management.},
  author={Peter L Lakatos and L{\'a}szl{\'o} P{\'e}ter Lakatos},
  journal={Expert opinion on pharmacotherapy},
  volume={9 5},
BACKGROUND Ulcerative proctitis (UP) is a common presentation of ulcerative colitis (UC). OBJECTIVE To summarize available literature on up-to-date management and pharmacotherapy of UP patients. METHODS Extensive Medline/Embase literature search was performed to identify relevant articles. RESULTS/CONCLUSION Topical medication with rectally administered 5-aminosalicylic acid (5-ASA)/corticosteroid suppositories or enemas is effective treatment for most UP patients. Locally administered 5… CONTINUE READING