Ukrainian researchers pressure journals to boycott Russian authors.

  title={Ukrainian researchers pressure journals to boycott Russian authors.},
  author={Holly Else},
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Marginalizing Russian science. What to expect for Russian publishers and authors

No country in the world has yet surpassed Russia by imposed sanctions volume and their severity. One of the of the sanctions goals is the marginalization of Russian science. The joint international

War against Ukraine: Humanitarian aid and how much morality can science bear

An unprovoked war has impacted Ukraine. “Humanity and peace initiatives should have top priority now” [1]. The resulting outrage by the Western world together with a global alliance has imposed

Calling for Unity, Solidarity, Continuity, and Access-Oriented Action in Times of War

This work argues for the continuity of non-clinical and clinical research, and tertiary education across the healthcare professions and the sciences, and action-oriented towards continued access to healthcare and medicines.