Ukrain treatment of rhabdomyosarcoma (case report).

  title={Ukrain treatment of rhabdomyosarcoma (case report).},
  author={B Kotsay and O I Lisnyak and O Myndiuk and J Romanys-hyn and O Fabri},
  journal={Drugs under experimental and clinical research},
  volume={22 3-5},
A six year old child was diagnosed to have a rhabdomyosarcoma of the muscles of the right buttock. Because of impossibility of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, treatment with Ukrain 10 mg i.v. once every two days, 10 injections (100 mg) was instituted. The following clinical effects were recorded: reduced pain in joints, improved appetite and condition, increased physical activity, reduced fever. The haematological, biochemical, immunological data and some urinary hormone excretion levels were… CONTINUE READING