Ukrain: a novel antitumor drug.

  title={Ukrain: a novel antitumor drug.},
  author={K. N. Uglyanitsa and L I Nefyodov and Y M Doroshenko and J. W. Nowicky and I V Volchek and Witold J. Brzosko and Yuriy Hodysh},
  journal={Drugs under experimental and clinical research},
  volume={26 5-6},
A review of the recent literature on the new anticancer drug Ukrain is provided herein. We review Ukrain, a thiophosphate derivative of alkaloids from Chelidonium majus L., its capacity to exert selective cytotoxic and cytostatic effects on tumor cells, simultaneously acting as an immune response modifier, its good tolerance and lack of side effects even after long-term application, perspectives of the application of this drug in oncology.