Ueber zwei neue Reduktionsprodukte des Kodeins

  title={Ueber zwei neue Reduktionsprodukte des Kodeins},
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Chemistry and synthesis of major opium alkaloids: a comprehensive review

Among analgesic drugs, the opioid class of compounds still remains one of the most important medicines for severe and chronic pain treatment. Hence, developing novel and effective synthetic method of

Chapter 3 – Analgesics

The Clemmensen Reduction

The replacement of the oxygen atoms of the carbonyl group in an aldehyde or ketone by two hydrogen atoms through the use of amalgamated zinc and hydrochloric acid was first employed in 1913 by

The rearrangement of codeine to dihydrocodeinone.

A study was made of the factors affecting the catalyzed rearrangement of codeine to dihydrocodeinone in acidic aqueous medium and certain provisional conclusions concerning the course of the reaction are discussed.