Ueber unendliche, lineare Punktmannichfaltigkeiten

  title={Ueber unendliche, lineare Punktmannichfaltigkeiten},
  author={Georg Cantor},
  journal={Mathematische Annalen},

Cantor and Set Theory

On the construction, properties and Hausdorff dimension of random Cantor one pth set

In 1883, German Mathematician George Cantor introduced Cantor ternary set which is a self-similar fractal. K. J. Falconer (1990) defined random Cantor set with statistical self-similarity. The

A Comparison of Type Theory with Set Theory

  • A. Klev
  • Philosophy
    Synthese Library
  • 2019
This paper discusses some of the ways in which Martin-Lof type theory differs from set theory, and argues that the criterion of identity for a domain cannot be formulated in terms of propositional identity.

Cantor e gli insiemi

Folding of Cantor String

The purpose of this paper is to represent the folding of Cantor string (compliment of Cantor set) using direct folding and folding by cut methods.