Ueber die Nerven der menschlichen Haut

  title={Ueber die Nerven der menschlichen Haut},
  author={Paul Langerhans},
  journal={Archiv f{\"u}r pathologische Anatomie und Physiologie und f{\"u}r klinische Medicin},
  • P. Langerhans
  • Published 1 September 1868
  • Biology
  • Archiv für pathologische Anatomie und Physiologie und für klinische Medicin

Skin Immune Landscape: Inside and Outside the Organism

This review aims at providing basic background information on the cutaneous immune system from major cellular and molecular players and the impact of its microbiota on the well-coordinated immune responses in host defense.

I-European research, the cradle of the discovery of the antidiabetic hormone: the pioneer roles and the relevance of Oskar Minkowski and Eugène Gley

A comprehensive review of primary and critical sources focused on the organotherapy of animal and human diabetes mellitus since 1889, until the spring of 1923, revealed that Europe was the cradle of the discovery of the antidiabetic hormone.

Multi-System Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis as a Mimic of IgG4-Related Disease: A Case Report and Literature Review

The case of a young woman suffering from MS-LCH that affected organs including the pituitary, thyroid, lymph node, and liver was summarized, and relevant literature was reviewed to better equip the diagnosis and treatment in its early stages.

Discovery of insulin

  • Anil Gupta
  • Understanding Insulin and Insulin Resistance
  • 2022

Insulin: a hundred year-old discovery with a fascinating history.

The work that led to the discovery and its main breakthroughs, the human characters involved in an increasingly dysfunctional relationship, the controversies that followed the Nobel Prize, and the debate as to who actually "discovered" insulin are discussed.

A new player in the dermis

Langerhans-like cells located in the dermis can travel to lymph nodes where they modulate immune responses and contribute to central nervous system inflammation.

Pulmonary Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis

Pulmonary Langerhans’ cell histiocytosis (PLCH) can be found either in isolated PLCH or systemic LCH, which is a rare disease of inconclusive etiology and has a broad spectrum of clinical manifestations and prognosis.

Fate mapping analysis reveals a novel murine dermal migratory Langerhans-like cell population

A novel separate population of LC-independent CD207+CD326+ LClike cells in the dermis that homed at a slow rate to the lymph nodes (LNs), bringing new insights into the dynamism of cutaneous dendritic cells and their function opening novel avenues in the development of treatments to cure inflammatory skin disorders.

Primary Cilia in the Skin: Functions in Immunity and Therapeutic Potential

Several studies are introduced that describe mechanisms of cilia regulation by immune reaction and the physiological relevance of cili regulating proliferation and differentiation of stroma cells, including skin-resident Langerhans cells.