Ueber die Möglichkeit, einen Linienzug ohne Wiederholung und ohne Unterbrechung zu umfahren

  title={Ueber die M{\"o}glichkeit, einen Linienzug ohne Wiederholung und ohne Unterbrechung zu umfahren},
  author={C. Hierholzer and Christian Wiener},
  journal={Mathematische Annalen},
A Partition-Centric Distributed Algorithm for Identifying Euler Circuits in Large Graphs
A novel partition-centric algorithm to find the Euler circuit, over large graphs partitioned across distributed machines and executed iteratively using a Bulk Synchronous Parallel (BSP) model.
Adjacency list matchings: an ideal genotype for cycle covers
A novel genotype is proposed to represent walk and cycle covers in graphs, namely matchings in the adjacency lists, which admits the natural mutation operator of adding a random match and possibly also matching the former partners.
High-temperature structure detection in ferromagnets
This paper studies structure detection problems in high-temperature ferromagnetic (positive interaction only) Ising models. The goal is to distinguish whether the underlying graph is empty, i.e.,
Counterbalancing for serial order carryover effects in experimental condition orders.
  • J. Brooks
  • Mathematics, Medicine
    Psychological methods
  • 2012
A method is proposed for generating counterbalanced sequences for repeated-measures designs including those with multiple observations of each condition on one participant and self-adjacencies of conditions.
Efficient Approximations for Many-Visits Multiple Traveling Salesman Problems
This work provides multiple efficient approximation algorithms for important variants of the many-visits mTSP, which are guaranteed to quickly compute high-quality solutions for all problem instances.
Can You Walk This? Eulerian Tours and IDEA Instructions (Media Exposition)
This work illustrates and animate the classic problem of deciding whether a given graph has an Eulerian path, and presents a set of pictorial instructions that have proven to be both entertaining for experts and enlightened for novices.
Constant Amortized Time Enumeration of Eulerian trails
These algorithms are based on the reverse search technique introduced by [Avis and Fukuda, DAM 1996], and the push out amortization technique introducedby [Uno, WADS 2015] and run in O(N) total time.
Covering hypergraphs are eulerian
An Euler tour in a hypergraph (also called a rank-2 universal cycle or 1overlap cycle in the context of designs) is a closed walk that traverses every edge exactly once. In this paper, we define a
Cycle decompositions in $3$-uniform hypergraphs
We show that 3-graphs on n vertices whose codegree is at least p2{3` op1qqn can be decomposed into tight cycles and admit Euler tours, subject to the trivial necessary divisibility conditions. We