Ueber die Berührung fester elastischer Körper.

  title={Ueber die Ber{\"u}hrung fester elastischer K{\"o}rper.},
  author={Heinrich Hertz},
  journal={Journal f{\"u}r die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelles Journal)},
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  • H. Hertz
  • Mathematics
  • Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelles Journal)

Calibrazione sperimentale di un banco prova multiasse per lo studio del fenomeno della riadesione = Experimental Setup of an Innovative Multi-axle Roller Rig for the Investigation of the Re-adhesion Phenomenon

Le forze scambiate all’interfaccia ruota-rotaia rappresentano uno degli aspetti di maggior interesse all’interno della ricerca ferroviaria, in quanto influenzano il comportamento dinamico del veicolo

Impact onto an ice floe

The unsteady problem of a rigid body impact onto a floating plate is studied. Both the plate and the water are at rest before impact. The plate motion is caused by the impact force transmitted to the

Weak imposition of frictionless contact constraints on automatically recovered high-order, embedded interfaces using the finite cell method

Numerical results and a systematic study of h-, p- and hp-refinements show that the FCM can efficiently provide accurate results for problems involving contact.

Squat defects and rolling contact fatigue clusters - Numerical investigations of rail and wheel deterioration mechanisms

Squat defects, a type of localised rolling contact fatigue damage appearing on rail surfaces with rail break as an ultimate consequence, have concerned infrastructure managers for the last couple of

Theoretical investigations of the load distribution of small sized crown gear sets different material pairings

An analytical approach for the calculation of the load distribution on the flank of crown gears, based on the theory according Placzek, is proposed. The teeth of the face gear and the pinion are

Nonlinear transient dynamics of on-board rotors supported by Active Magnetic Bearings

It is shown that the model provides good predictions of the behaviour of the machine for the tested cases and can be used for industrial designs, especially thanks to the absence of direct contact between fixed and rotating parts.

Simulation of rail corrugation growth on curves

Rail corrugation (periodic surface irregularities at distinct wavelengths) is a problem experienced by many railway networks worldwide. Corrugation induces a pronounced dynamic wheel–rail contact

Understanding the physiology of probiotic yeast cells under different formulation, processing and environmental conditions

Encapsulation of yeast cells with pectin demonstrated better survival and showed desirable water activity, and the material properties of calcium pectinate beads have been investigated, which led to a rigid tablet which contains the adequate number of active yeast cells.

Friction statique et dynamique sous cisaillement oscillatoire ultrasonore

L'objectif de cette these est de contribuer a la comprehension de l'interaction entre des sollicitations de haute frequence tangentielles et le declenchement du glissement macroscopique, ainsi que la

Caractérisation du comportement mécanique de la sous surface d'un polymère percé, sous une sollicitation de type hertzienne

Ce travail s'inscrit dans la comprehension du comportement de la sous-surface d'une piece presentant des heterogeneites controlees, soumise a un chargement de type hertzien sans affecter l'integrite