Ueber das Verhalten des Blutfarbstoffes im Spectrum des Sonnenlichtes

  title={Ueber das Verhalten des Blutfarbstoffes im Spectrum des Sonnenlichtes},
  author={Prof. Felix Hoppe},
  journal={Virchows Archiv},
Dutch Untersuchungen yon D. B r e w s t e r , H e r s c h e l und Mii l le r*) ist des Verhalten verschiedener Farbstoffe gegen verschiedene hbschnitte des Speelrum ermittelt. Es hat sich bei demselben unter hnderem ergeben, dass durch eiaen grossen Theil der Farbstoffe Licht yon hestimmtcn Breehbarkeiten so w)Hst~indig absorbirt wird, dass, wenn man die Strahlen des Spectrmn durch sehr verdfinnte LSsungen derselben hindurchgehcn l/isst, duukle, ziemlich scharf hegrenzte Streifea an hestimmten… 

Spektrophotometrische Untersuchungen über Nitrit-Methämoglobin und Stickoxyd-Hämoglobin

ZusammenfassungDie Existenz des Nitrit-Met-Hb als eigene Verbindung wird durch weitere Befunde erhärtet. Im offenen Reagensglas geht der Farbstoff in eine grün gefärbte Verbindung, vermutlich

Good News for Patients and Medical Staff: A New System to Assist With Intravenous Procedures

Determination of acetaminophen-protein adducts in mouse liver and serum and human serum after hepatotoxic doses ofacetaminophen using high-performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection and diagnostic confirmation using a specific antigenic biomarker in children with acute liver failure is shown.

Redox-Regulation of α-Globin in Vascular Physiology

It is shown that α-globin can be reduced by either of two independent redox systems, CyB5R3/CyB5a and eNOS, which provides new insights into the regulation of blood vessel contractility.

George Gabriel Stokes as a biologist

  • R. Ceredig
  • Chemistry
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A
  • 2020
This brief communication examines two of Stokes' major biological contributions, namely his description of the phenomenon of fluorescence and his studies on the changes in the colour of blood following oxidation and reduction.

Crossed and Linked Histories of Tetrapyrrolic Macrocycles and Their Use for Engineering Pores within Sol-Gel Matrices

The result would confirm again that tetrapyrrolic macrocycles can help in the development of the authentic pore engineering in materials science and support the prospect of tuning up the pore size, surface area, and polarity inside the por cavities in order to prepare efficient catalytic, optical, sensoring, and medical systems.

Regulation of endogenous erythropoietin production

A specific role for erythrocytes in oxygen transport was established by the demonstration of reversible binding of oxygen to the pigmented haemoglobin that accounted for the colour change.

The redox state of cytochrome oxidase in brain in vivo: an historical perspective.

  • J. LaManna
  • Biology
    Advances in experimental medicine and biology
  • 2003
The mechanisms which might explain why cytochrome oxidase may be more reduced than previously thought are still not fully developed and, therefore, the physiological significance of such reduction is not known.

Ketorolac and Renal Compromise in Neonates

The most suitable wavelength for detecting subcutaneous veins was determined to range between 760 and 910 nm, which will benefit both patients and medical staff during the collection of blood samples and administration of intravenous drip infusions in individuals in whom such procedures would otherwise be difficult to perform.

Monitoring oxygen transport and tissue oxygenation

There is an urgent need to develop methods to accurately and rapidly identify patients with tissue hypoxia and the combination of gastric tonometry, near-infrared spectroscopy, urinary PO2 and continuous measures of mixed (or central) venous O2 saturation may provide the answer.

The Role of Microbial Electron Transfer in the Coevolution of the Biosphere and Geosphere.

The discovery and consequences of redox reactions in microbes are reviewed with a specific focus on the coevolution of life and geochemical phenomena.