Ueber Systeme höherer complexer Zahlen

  title={Ueber Systeme h{\"o}herer complexer Zahlen},
  author={Th. Molien},
  journal={Mathematische Annalen},
  • Th. Molien
  • Published 1 March 1892
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematische Annalen
Jordan superalgebra of type and the Wedderburn principal theorem
Abstract We investigate an analog to the Wedderburn Principal Theorem (WPT) for a finite-dimensional Jordan superalgebra with solvable radical such that and We consider as an irreducible -bimodule
Some Classes of Nilpotent Associative Algebras
In this paper, we classify filiform associative algebras of degree p over a field of characteristic zero. Moreover, over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero, we also classify
An overview of the history of projective representations (spin representations) of groups
An overview of the history of projective representations (= spin representations) of groups, preceded by the prehistory of studies on the theory of quaternion due to Rodrigues and Hamilton. Beginning
Die physikalischen Arbeiten des jungen B. L. van der Waerden
Die vorliegende Arbeit behandelt den Prozess der Mathematisierung der Quantenmechanik aus mathematikhistorischer Perspektive am Beispiel der Einfuhrung der gruppentheoretischen Methode zwischen 1926
Alternative Routes to Representation Theory
The correspondence between Dedekind and Frobenius makes it clear that if Dedekind had not decided to introduce and study group determinants—a subject with no established tradition and really outside
Group Characters and Representations 1896–1897
Having now established the great appeal to Frobenius of Dedekind’s suggestion that he study Θ and its factorization, let us consider, with the aid of his correspondence with Dedekind, how he
Characters and Representations After 1897
Frobenius’ papers of 1896–1897 marked the beginning of a new theory, a theory that continued to evolve in various directions for over a half-century. Frobenius himself, along with Burnside, made
A Seventy Years Jubilee: The Hopkins-Levitzki Theorem
The aim of this expository paper is to discuss various aspects of the Hopkins-Levitzki Theorem (H-LT), including the Relative H-LT, the Absolute or Categorical H-LT, the Latticial H-LT, as well as


II. A memoir on the theory of matrices
  • A. Cayley
  • Mathematics
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London
  • 1858
The term matrix might be used in a more general sense, but in the present memoir I consider only square and rectangular matrices, and the term matrix used without qualification is to be understood as