Ueber Nicotin. I. Mitteilung

  title={Ueber Nicotin. I. Mitteilung},
  author={Albert Pinner},
  journal={Archiv der Pharmazie},
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  • Biological Chirality
  • 2020
A convenient synthesis of 14C-cotinine from 14C-nicotine
A convenient synthesis with analytical monitoring of 14C-cotinine is reported. 14C-Nicotine was converted into 14C-dibromocotinine hydrobromide perbromide. Debromination, achieved by using Zn
Synthesis of [pyrrolidine‐14C]‐cotinine from 14C‐nicotine
The synthesis and purification of 14C-cotinine is reported. 14C-nicotine is converted into 14C-dibromocotinine. Debromination of the latter results in 14C-cotinine which is purified by high
Isoprenoids and Alkaloids of Tobacco
Apart from cotton and food-providing plants, tobacco is the major cultivated plant in the world. It is grown in some one hundred countries and the annual production is of the order of five million
Oxydation photochimique d'amines tertiaires et d'alcaloides—VI : Oxydation photosensibilisee d'alcaloides comportant un heterocycle N-methyle (nicotine, N-methyl anabasine, ajmaline)
Resume L'oxydation photochimique sensibilsee par les colorants, de la nicotine, de la N -methylanabasine et de l'ajmaline, alcaloides comportant un heterocycle N -methyle a ete etudiee. Le site