Ueber Nicotin. I. Mitteilung

  title={Ueber Nicotin. I. Mitteilung},
  author={Albert Pinner},
  journal={Archiv der Pharmazie},
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  • Biological Chirality
  • 2020

A convenient synthesis of 14C-cotinine from 14C-nicotine

A convenient synthesis with analytical monitoring of 14C-cotinine is reported. 14C-Nicotine was converted into 14C-dibromocotinine hydrobromide perbromide. Debromination, achieved by using Zn

Synthesis of [pyrrolidine‐14C]‐cotinine from 14C‐nicotine

The synthesis and purification of 14C-cotinine is reported, and the total radioactive yield of the synthesis is 44.8%.

Isoprenoids and Alkaloids of Tobacco

Apart from cotton and food-providing plants, tobacco is the major cultivated plant in the world. It is grown in some one hundred countries and the annual production is of the order of five million