Udder health shows inbreeding depression in Danish Holsteins.

  title={Udder health shows inbreeding depression in Danish Holsteins.},
  author={Anders Christian S\orensen and Per Kongsh\oj Madsen and Morten Kargo S\orensen and Peer Berg},
  journal={Journal of dairy science},
  volume={89 10},
The purpose of this study was to estimate inbreeding depression for udder health using records on mastitis incidence and somatic cell count (SCC). Data were selected based on a pedigree completeness index so that inbreeding coefficients were reliable. Average inbreeding was 3.3%. The presence or absence of mastitis was considered in first (CM1), second (CM2), and third (CM3) lactations, and was recorded as a binary trait. Somatic cell count was also included and analyzed on the log scale. A… CONTINUE READING