Udder cleft dermatitis and sarcoptic mange in a dairy herd.

  title={Udder cleft dermatitis and sarcoptic mange in a dairy herd.},
  author={Lorin D. Warnick and Daryl V. Nydam and Ana E. Maciel and Charles L. Guard and Susan E. Wade},
  journal={Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association},
  volume={221 2},
OBJECTIVE To determine prevalence of udder cleft dermatitis in a dairy herd that was experiencing an outbreak of sarcoptic mange. DESIGN Clinical survey. ANIMALS 1,597 Holstein cows and late-gestation heifers. PROCEDURE Animals were examined for udder cleft dermatitis and for skin lesions consistent with sarcoptic or chorioptic mange. Skin scrapings were collected from 56 cows and examined for ectoparasites. The herd was revisited 1 year later, and prevalences of udder cleft dermatitis… CONTINUE READING

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