Ubiquitous mobile phones are becoming indispensable

  title={Ubiquitous mobile phones are becoming indispensable},
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Mobile phones are ubiquitous today. The portable device has revolutionized the way we communicate with one another locally and globally. They have enabled the populace to be connected to one another in case of a crisis even from a remote area. Today real-time communication is possible at any time and from any part of the globe. Cell phones have become a necessity in today's digital global society, and are not just a symbol of social status anymore. In developing countries, they are being… 

Personal information management through ubiquitous devices: Students’ mobile self-efficacy and PIM practices

This study aims to explore personal information management (PIM) practices of undergraduate university students on ubiquitous devices such as mobile phones. The purpose was to investigate the

Study of Indian Customer Mobile Banking Adoption

The banking landscape in India has been changing rapidly due to advent of emerging technologies. Consumers have adopted technology in their everyday banking transactions. These changes have been

Relations of Bedtime Mobile Phone Use to Cognitive Functioning, Academic Performance, and Sleep Quality in Undergraduate Students

The present cross-sectional study examined the relations of bedtime mobile phone use to cognitive functioning, academic performance, and sleep quality in a sample of undergraduate students to show that increased scores in bedtimeMobile phone use uniquely predicted decreased scores in academic performance andSleep quality.



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